Chemical Weapons News – June 27, 2008

This week the Pine bluff Arsenal announced that it had finished destroying all VX-filled land mines. This marks the complete destruction of all nerve agent at the facility, and the final phase of CW disposal will focus on containers of mustard gas.

Pine Bluff Arsenal Completes Destruction Of Nerve Agent – The Morning News
The final nerve agent-filled land mine has been destroyed at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, moving the site a step closer to eliminating stockpiled chemical weapons, officials said Monday …

Ark. military arsenal finishes weapons destruction – The Associated Press –
A simple message in white paint adorned the last VX nerve-agent land mine that rolled through a conveyor belt on its way to incineration at the Pine Bluff Arsenal – “LONG TIME COMING.” …

All Explosives Destroyed At Pine Bluff Arsenal –
The Pine Bluff Arsenal says it has finished destroying chemical weapons. Officials held a news conference Monday morning announcing they destroyed their last land mine last Friday. The arsenal has destroyed more than …

Also, Yemen showed its commitment to the CWC and held a course on chemical weapons, the CWC, the OPCW and the role of Yemen’s national authority in implementing the convention.

Finally, Iran released a statement calling on the international community to pressure the U.S. and other major powers to fulfill their obligations in CW disarmament. The statement was released in commemoration of Iran’s National Day Against Chemical/Biological Weapons.