Highlights from March issue of “Arms Control Today”

The March 2008 issue of Arms Control Today featured several pieces on the Chemical Weapons Convention and the upcoming Second Review Conference.

This month’s articles feature a number of important topics on the agenda at the review conference. There is Daniel Feakes’ article “Getting Down to the Hard Cases: Prospects for CWC Universality” and Ralf Trapp’s “Advances in Science and Technology and the Chemical Weapons Convention” which each focus on specific conference agenda issues. John Hart revisits the problems of old stockpiles in “Looking Back: The Continuing Legacy of Old and Abandoned Chemical Weapons” and Oliver Meier’s news analysis “Chemical Weapons Parlay’s Outcome Uncertain” covers the remaining issues of destruction, verification and non-lethal agents.

Arms Control Today has also published a Reader on the CWC Second Review Conference which contains some of the above articles as well as others on topics of importance for the RevCon.