Draft Conference Report

Once again, many thanks to Richard Guthrie. He stuck around the RevCon after the rest of us NGO representatives left. And even though the meetings were closed, still provided the rest of us with updates on the RevCon’s progress. Its a good thing too, because otherwise we would have no information on the second week of the conference. The OPCW website has posted a few national papers, but does not list any information on the RevCon’s late-night closing or give any indication of when the conference declaration will be released.

Today Richard continues to keep us informed, sending out yet another email update and posting this announcement to his website:

“There appears to be a delay in producing the official version of the final declaration of the CWC Review Conference. As of the morning of 23 April, UK time, it has not appeared on the OPCW’s Second Review Conference website.

Having received many e-mails asking if I could post the copy of the declaration that was circulated to the Conference in the early hours of Saturday morning, it is with some hesitation I am now posting the two sections of the declaration as given below. I hesitate because there may be some changes that will have to agreed to the texts, notwithstanding that these were the texts legally adopted.

The first document (0.5MB) contains the preambular text agreed at 2am on 19 April (not 18 April as printed on the draft) and adopted by the Conference later in the morning. The paragraphs will need renumbering owing to the edits.

The second document (2.6MB) contains the main section of the declaration adopted by the Conference. The paragraphs will need to be renumbered as the preamble may be considered to have an extra paragraph, the paragraph numbers 35, 36 and 37 are repeated, and the number 67 is not used. These are simply consequences of the rapid production of the draft declaration at such a late hour.”