Informal Update on Day 7

RIchard Guthrie sent out another informal email update on progress in The Hague today.

“This is an informal update and the outline provided here will be filled in with more details tomorrow in the regular report.

Tuesday has seen more late night working on the draft declaration with consultations finishing at around 9.30pm local time.

Some sections were gone through a second time. While the universality section is now almost bracket-free, the sections on general obligations and destruction remain heavily bracketed. Only the first few paragraphs of the verification section have been looked at again, and these also remain heavily bracketed.

At the end of the Tuesday evening consultations a decision to have two ‘facilitators’ on specific sections was taken. Ambassador Maarten Lak (Netherlands) will focus on general obligations and Ambassador Jorge Lomónaco Tonda (Mexico) on destruction. The facilitated consultations on general obligations are scheduled to run in parallel with the main informal consultations during the morning, with a similar procedure following for destruction in the afternoon.”