According to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW):

  • In the 11 years since its entry into force, 188 nations have become States Parties to the CWC. Member states represent approximately 98% of the worldwide population, landmass, and chemical industry.
  • An additional 2 states have signed but not ratified the treaty, leaving only 5 states entirely outside of the CWC.
  • All of the declared chemical weapons production facilities have been inactivated. 61 of the 65 facilities have been destroyed or converted to function for peaceful purposes.
  • All of the declared chemical weapons stockpiles have been inventoried and verified.
  • Over one-third of the world’s declared stockpile of approximately 71,000 metric tonnes of chemical agent have been verifiably destroyed.
  • One third of chemical munitions and containers have been destroyed.
  • The entire chemical stockpile in Albania has been destroyed.
  • 3,144 inspections have taken place at 192 chemical weapon-related and 987 industrial sites on the territory of 80 States Parties since April 1997.
  • 5,177 industrial facilities are subject to inspection worldwide.
  • International Cooperation programmes in the peaceful uses of chemistry have been established including an Associate Programme, an Analytical Skills Development Course, a Conference Support Programme, A Research Projects Programme, an Internship Support Programme, a Laboratory Assistance Programme, and an Equipment Exchange Programme.